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Amelia Island has for centuries awed visitors with its natural beauty and serenity. Since French explorers named it the Isle de Mai in the 1500's, the Spanish called it Santa Maria, the English Egmont Isle, then gave us the current name, Amelia. The only location in the USA that has been under eight national flags, it has been home to explorers, conquerors, pirates (some survive today), entrepreneurs and starting in the late 1800's it became a haven for winter travelers seeking to escape the harsh winters of the north.

We are pleased to offer you a wide variety of items directly related to Amelia and Fernandina.
Our clothing, photography and jewelry are all made for island lovers.
Our beach and travel gear is the finest available anywhere.
Our historical items are part of Amelia and Fernandina's colorful past.
All of these items are authentic period pieces (no reproductions or copies) and many are unique.

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